The City

The impeccable township planning at Nanded City aims to create a sustainable environment that focuses on community living.

Pune is growing at a rapid pace, and at its forefront, Sinhagad Road is making steady, prominent progress. The transformation of Sinhagad Road has been breath taking. The wide road, huge shopping complexes, attractive buildings, luxurious bungalows and transport facilities at Sinhagad Road have made it the perfect address.

This rapid expansion has been greatly complemented by the lush greenery that still adorns the area. At Sinhagad Road, urban development and serene surroundings go hand in hand.

Its close proximity to the Mumbai-Bengaluru highway along with other perks has made it an attractive residential & commercial investment option. The highway has greatly helped in reducing the travel time to Mumbai, Satara and Kolhapur, thus giving it an extra edge.

At Nanded City, ‘Being Green’ is a way of life and a conscious effort has been taken to preserve the environment, plant trees, reduce fuel consumption, and build green surroundings for clean and fresh air.

In short, we constantly strive to create more sustainable and eco-friendly living and commercial spaces at Nanded City.