At Nanded City, we believe that a good education is absolutely essential to the development and prosperity of the country. We also believe that quality education should be available to every citizen.

This philosophy led to the presence of two quality educational institutes within our premises.

Vidya Pratishthan’s Nanded City Public School- ICSE Pattern

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VP’s Nanded City Public School adheres to the belief that each child is a valued and unique individual and that the educational process should be student-centric to develop every learner into an effective communicator, inspired learner, productive worker and a resourceful thinker. It imparts quality education in a happy, caring, safe and secure environment which encourages and stimulates children to learn.

The school educational program which is Indian yet Universal in character brings out the best potential of a child, builds character, develops self-confidence, respect and love for one another and makes the child a responsible citizen of this great Nation. It achieves this mission through an active partnership involving students, parents and staff. Furthermore, the school strives to make each child embrace the love, joy and value of education.

Nanded City Pawar Public school – CBSE Pattern

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Education is a life-long process of searching for knowledge, and Nanded City Pawar Public School aims to instil this quest for knowledge in every child. It was established with the goal of teaching the child to question diligently, and to prepare him/her through creative problem solving methods and assignments that make them think critically to seek the right answer.

The primary purpose of the school is to guide children to discover themselves and to identify and nurture their talent.