Green Sky


At Nanded City, ‘Being Green’ is a way of life and it is reflected in all our infrastructural plans and designs.

‘Being Green’ Designing

Inspired by the Autobahns of Germany, densely planted soil mound topped with MS grills for security, and precast retaining blocks for soil retention are used at Nanded City. This creates better ventilation and helps diffuse the noise of vehicles on the roads, while the plantation on the mound works as a filter for sound and air pollutants. Moreover, the flora on the mounds attracts a myriad of butterflies and birds that add to the scenic appeal.

Nanded City also has a dedicated Cycle track along the main 51 m wide road to encourage the use of cycles in the campus. A deliberate policy of making asphalt roads instead of concrete roads has been taken to avoid heavy wear and tear of vehicles as they are more absorbent as compared to concrete ones.

‘Being Green’ Stream Park

At Nanded City, the Stream Park is a calm and serene space with a quiet stream running through its environs. The existing guava orchard is the perfect spot for a quiet family picnic. The plants used are indigenous species that add to the scenic appeal. The meandering walking area by the stream lends a calming and peaceful vibe to the place.

‘Being Green’ Soil Management

At Nanded City, a Gabion wall and Gabion mattresses have been installed along the riverside to arrest surface runoff, prevent soil erosion and scoring of the river bank. We have also set up plantations along the riverside to give it a more aesthetic feel. Precious Top Soil excavated during footings is also kept aside and mounds are created along the residential areas which are covered by plantations. This helps us in preserving all the soil that is on the site and the same soil is then used for landscaping so that no soil is required to be hauled from outside.

‘Being Green’ Waste Management

At Nanded City, we promote residents to segregate domestic waste right at the source. This helps us to effectively recycle solid waste. We also have a strong system for recycling non-biodegradable waste through our vendors. The construction of our Biogas Plant of final capacity 9 TPD is now complete and is the most eco-friendly manner to treat solid biodegradable waste. The biogas generated through this process will be converted to electricity which will then be used to light the area.

The water used for landscaping is STP water. Moreover, even the manure which is produced from composting garden waste & domestic biodegradable waste is used for landscape development. This helps in replacing cow dung manure which would otherwise be sourced from outside agencies.

We have created a Stream Park by treating the water stream through a combination of root zone & culture treatment as a corporate social responsibility initiative. We try to keep construction waste at a minimum level. Even the waste concrete is used in making pre-cast concrete curb, chamber covers, etc.

‘Being Green’ Other Eco-friendly Initiatives

Nanded City is the first township to adopt the metering of the domestic water. It helps the consumers to understand and be aware of exactly how much water they are using. It allows us to monitor the actual use of water as compared to the planned quantity, seasonal variations, losses, etc.

The prepaid electrical meters that we have installed ensure that the residents are well aware of their electricity consumption and that it is used efficiently. To minimize the electricity consumption, LED lighting fixtures are used in the landscaped area and street lights. We also hold the prestigious tag of being the only township that has installed the maximum quantum of Solar Water heating systems.